Who We Are

Enterprise Vineyards was established in 1979 by Phil Coturri, a lifelong farmer and Sonoma Valley's leading organic viticulturalist, with over 600 acres of vines certified with the CCOF under his supervision.

Phil Coturri - CEO Enterprise Vineyards. The brains behind the operation.

If you ask him, Phil Coturri might quote a Levon Helm song and describe himself as a “poor old dirt farmer.” However, after 35 years pioneering organic and biodynamic winegrowing in California, descriptions range from “famed organic viticulturalist” by the Hollywood Reporter to “the ubiquitous wizard of sustainable winemaking” by Sonoma Magazine. He was born with the cultural palate of Italian immigrants, weaned on the music and ethos of San Francisco in the 1960’s and planted deep into the rocky hillsides of Sonoma Valley.

Miguel Santoyo - Head Vineyard Manager, head of work safety. Costa Rica project liaison. He's a very busy guy.

Miguel was born in Uruapan, Michoacan. He attended Michoacan High School Technolgica II and has attended viticultural seminars at UC Davis. When Miguel was 16 he and his father, Tibercio, came to Sonoma to work. He has worked for EV for over 20 years and does everything from the ground up. He loves the work and the people. In his time off, Miguel works on his house and in his garden and spends time with his wife and daughters.

Jesse Apgar - Director of Vineyard Operations.

Jesse was born and raised in the lovely hills overlooking Sonoma Valley. He earned a classic education from the local high school, followed with diligent tutelage under famous hippie winemakers, grape growers and poets.

I found myself working at EV after I woke from a haze and was looking for a purpose. I quickly fell in love with hard work and long hours. Now my duty at EV consists of mostly all tasks under the sun, general management. But most importantly, maintaining morale and keeping drama down to a minimum. I used to be called the EV staff psychologist. I still work at EV because one day I hope to rule the world and EV has been the springboard job for a lot of 3rd world dictators. You can't have evil without EV. My interests include: hot, hot grape babes, phallic mushroom hunting, getting up on hard rocks and long romantic walks in the woods.

James Drummond

I was born and raised in Sonoma Valley. Growing up I never thought I would work in the wine industry. After graduating Sonoma Valley High School I pursued a career in Administration of Justice at the Santa Rosa Junior College. My interest in the wine industry began in 2005 when I worked my first harvest with Enterprise Vineyards. The following year I worked my second harvest at Kamen Estate Wines. I went to work for Enterprise Vineyards full time in 2007. Harvest of 2007 I went to work as a cellar master at Kamen Estate Wines, but after two years I decided that I enjoyed vineyard work more than cellar work. Now back with Enterprise Vineyards, most of my time is spent working on our Napa projects, where my tasks vary from managing crews, pruning, mowing, disking, irrigation repair and installation, vineyard layout and overall general ranch maintenance. I never thought I would work in the wine business, but now that I do, I wouldn't change it for anything.

Marco Torres - Assistant Vineyard Manager, Manager of Oakville Ranch Vineyards

Marco is a native of Urapan Michocan Mexico. Since he was little it was his dream to emigrate to the United States. He arrived in the United States in September of 2002 and began to work for Enterprise Vineyards. This is his first job in the United States.

Lauren Cadwallader - Member of the Viticulture Team in charge of vineyard monitoring. Biologist.

After completing the American Sommelier Association Viticulture and Vinification coarse, Lauren left her New York City desk job and moved out to Sonoma for the 2011 harvest. She is a 2008 graduate of Georgetown University with a degree in Biology and enjoys the vineyard far more than the over air conditioned cubicle she left behind.

Jorge Molinar - Director of Tractor Operations, member of the Viticulture Team in charge of spray management.

Jorge was born and raised in Mexico. He graduated college and continued into grad school, completing three years in agriculture and veterinary school before moving to California in the late 1970's. He has his Private Applicator License and has been working in the vineyards since the 1980's. He has been active in the Glen Ellen Fire Department as a volunteer for 25 years. He has been a board member for the Sonoma Health Clinic for the past ten years and now serves as an advisor for the Quality Improvement Committee. He resides in Glen Ellen with his wife Virginia and three children Gustavo, Ashleigh and James. He has just begun working with Vineyard Enterprises and in a short period enjoys working for them and looks to a great future with the company.

Ross Cannard - Director of Biodynamic and Organic Operations, member of the Viticulture Team in charge of soil fertility and pond maintenance; Insectary and Gardens Manager.

After earning a degree in Linguistics from UC Santa Cruz, Ross came back to Sonoma to work for his father, Bob Cannard, at Green String Farm in Petaluma.  Several years later, he wandered out of the woods making animal noises and asking what year it was.  Phil took him in and put him in charge of  his biodynamic program, in addition to which he now uses his powers of sorcery to attract beneficial insects, honeybees, and millions of species of soil-dwelling fauna.

Jose Manuel Torres - Assistant Vineyard Manager. Implements our spray program on the ground.

Juan Oliveros - Assistant Vineyard Manager.

Ditty Vella - Administration and Accounts Payable.

Ramiro Torres - Head of New Vineyard Construction

Max Coturri - New Vineyard Construction