Who We Are

Enterprise Vineyards was established in 1979 by Phil Coturri, a lifelong farmer and Sonoma Valley's leading organic viticulturalist, with over 600 acres of vines certified with the CCOF under our stewardship.   

Phil Coturri - CEO Enterprise Vineyards. 

If you ask him, Phil Coturri might quote a Levon Helm song and describe himself as a “poor old dirt farmer.” However, after 35 years pioneering organic and biodynamic winegrowing in California, descriptions range from “famed organic viticulturalist” by the Hollywood Reporter to “the ubiquitous wizard of sustainable winemaking” by Sonoma Magazine. He was born with the cultural palate of Italian immigrants, weaned on the music and ethos of San Francisco in the 1960’s and planted deep into the rocky hillsides of Sonoma Valley.

Max Coturri - Director Of Vineyard Development and Construction

Max has been working for Enterprise since high school and taken on the leadership of our vineyard development and construction.   His lifelong understanding or vineyard health, wine quality and organic farming gives him unique insight into responsibly installing new vineyards and repairing vineyards in need of some TLC.   

Miguel Santoyo - Director Of Vineyard Operations

Miguel was born in Uruapan, Michoacan.  When Miguel was 16 he and his father, Tibercio, immigrated to Sonoma. He has worked for EV since 1981 and does everything from the ground up, focusing on people and safety.  He loves the work and the people. In his time off, Miguel works on his house and in his garden and spends time with his wife and daughters.

Jesse Apgar - Director of Vineyard Operations.

Jesse was born and raised in the lovely hills overlooking Sonoma Valley and was mentored by Phil, the EV crew and his family winery Sky Vineyards.   He has been a part of the company since 2002 and in that time worked in all areas of the business.    Today, he runs our Napa Operations with a focusing on quality and innovation at Sky Vineyards.   

Juan Oliveros- Director of Vineyard Operations.

Juan has been with EV also since 2002.  He currently runs our Moon Mountain properties and focus' on team development and mentorship of his crews.   His passion for quality and organic farming has been developed over many years and Juan ensures his knowledge and passion is carried on to the next generation.